About Us

Malenki is a US-based shoe shop for women with petite feet. We create heels for sizes EU 30 (US kid's 12) to EU 36 (US women's 6).

Our founder and owner understands the struggle to find (cute, sexy, fun, fashionable, etc.) high heels in her size, because she too has petite feet.

She loves everything fashion and beauty but has only felt exclusion from the fashion industry. Her favorite designers were not making size 2 shoes for her, instead she had to settle for black flats in her size or small heels decorated with characters from children’s shows.

She created Malenki as a business to not only provide shoes that women can fall in love with but also to level the fashion playing field.

Malenki wants petite women to not only feel, but actually be, represented, seen and empowered in a culture that tells them they need to be “this tall” to be taken seriously.

We know what it feels like to get dressed and excited to go to a party, on a date or just feel like dressing up and not being able to have shoes to match your bangin’ outfit.

Instead of an envious pair of shoes to enhance our outfits, we have to settle for lackluster flats from the kids shoe section.

With Malenki shoes, those days are over.

We provide an array of heels for different occasions. When creating our heels, we’re thinking of you: who you are, who you want to be, and who you can be.

Each Malenki shoe is designed and created with all the facets of a woman in mind. Each shoe has a name, story, personality and ambition. We want each and every woman to carefully choose her shoes, consider who she is, who she wants to be and let Malenki shoes elevate her to that place.

We value diversity, inclusivity, positivity and community and strive to embody these in the designs we create and the work we do.

Malenki does not strive to be fast fashion, but rather meaningful and intentional fashion. Fashion that makes women feel empowered.

We know women are multifaceted and dynamic, so we strive to make shoes that will suit all the versions of you, on any day and any for any occasion.